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Improving Concrete Surfaces for Residential and Commercial Clients

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Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your Property With Stunning Concrete Coating

Transform unsightly concrete and add another layer of protection against constant wear and tear, especially in high-traffic areas. Pacific Concrete Coatings Inc. provides high-quality services, giving your concrete floors an updated look. We serve residential and commercial clients in Los Angeles County, California and surrounding areas. Call us to learn more information.

Using the Perfect Material for the Best Results

Because customer satisfaction is important to us, we only use the tried-and-tested process in the concrete industry. We are a dealer of Sundek, the leading company in decorative concrete resurfacing.

The concrete coating system we utilize is a unique method incorporating different colors, textures, and designs to existing or new concrete. This is used on various concrete surfaces such as floors, driveways, pool decks, commercial areas, retail spaces, garages, and more. For more than four decades, this system has been perfected, fixing unattractive concrete while customizing its appearance to enhance its beauty.

When the Stambaugh brothers from Southern California invented Sundek, it became the number-one choice in decorative concrete resurfacing from airports and carports to five-star hotels and family homes. With a wide variety of options to express one’s style combined with the economy and durability of concrete, it is no wonder that Sundek made it to the top. Their innovations in the cement and flooring industry include:

  • Decorative Classic Knock down Texture
  • SunCanvas
  • Sundek Aggregate Effects
  • Sundek Commercial Finish System
  • Sundek Masonry Effects
  • SunStamp
  • Acid Stains
  • WB Stains and Dyes
  • SunStone
  • Tuscan
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